Case Intelligence Analysis and Management
Integrated, Secure Solution

Empowering the modern investigator and analyst
to seamlessly discover, trace, link, and analyze persons, organizations, and events of interest. 

Providing easy-to-use, advanced tools that drive speed, accuracy and efficiency in investigations.


Data Analysis

Instant visualization and querying of data relationships

Data Enrichment

OSINT search tools that enrich profiles and define networks

Data Integration

Import of data sources that create a unified knowledge base

Identity Resolution

Validation of aliases and identities across investigations

Automated Reporting

Generation of complete, custom investigation reports and briefs

Case Management

Management of all data stored in one centralized, secure location

Actionable Intelligence

The Investigation Graph


VIXN is developed to fit to mission, configuring to the requirements of each use case. These are just a few of the specialized applications we serve.

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Criminal Intelligence

  • Integrate criminal database and RMS information.
  • Expand intelligence on persons and entities of interest.
  • Manage leads, suspects, incidents, and evidence.
  • Corrections Intelligence

  • Integrate inmate data, visitor logs, and financial transactions.
  • Expose unknown relationships to gangs and trafficking rings.
  • Trace contraband investigations through networks, to sources in community.
  • Enterprise Intelligence

  • Unshackle datasets from legacy systems, transform format.
  • Enrich information with OSINT data, extend knowledge base.
  • Run white collar, internal HR, and due diligence investigations.
  • Fraud Examination

  • Identify perpetrators and persons of interest.
  • Define and explore networks of illegal activity.
  • Trace transactions across networks.

    VIXN is designed to flex and scale to the needs of our customers and so is our pricing

    Speak with our sales team to learn more about the VIXN plan best fit for your organization.


    VIXN’s mission is to speed along the justice process and provide for greater safety and security of our communities. 

    Inquire about our VIXN Referral Program and Non-Profit Program to learn how we are delivering on this mission.

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