We do better together. 

Fermata was built on the mission to help those who protect and serve to unearth more truths, solve more cases, and serve justice more swiftly. 

We honor the many non-profit organizations and their people who live this mission everyday. We’re a proud technology partner for cold case, missing persons, and anti-human trafficking organizations.

Our Partners

Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative

ATII combats global human trafficking by promoting corporate social responsibility through increasing awareness, facilitating intelligence integration and technology advancement, and encouraging strategic data collaboration. It aims to disrupt trafficking and exploitation through advanced preventions, detection, investigation and reporting mechanisms.

The Global Center on Human Trafficking

MSU’s Global Center on Human Trafficking is a multi-disciplinary effort focused on developing innovative solutions to the global trafficking problem. The Center's dedication to the prevention and eradication of trafficking includes providing survivor support and empowerment, education and training, research, and multilateral collaboration.

The Cold Case Foundation

The Cold Case Foundation is the ultimate resource for homicide, missing person, unidentified remains and rape/sexual assault cold cases with serial characteristics. CCF is dedicated to stopping the deadly compounding effect of cold cases and providing hope and resources to families affected by violent crime.

Missing Persons Center

The Missing Persons Center supports law enforcement and families in bringing exposure and investigative support to missing persons cases that may have fallen through the cracks of the system and to prevent others from being lost in the midst of so many reported every day. They answer questions and support families in finding resources to continue investigating, reporting on, and publicizing their case.

Seeking Justice Inc.

Seeking Justice Inc. is a Florida-based non-profit that investigates and crowd-sources leads in missing persons, unidentified, and cold cases. Seeking Justice works to bring closure and support to families of lost loved ones by investigating leads and organizing search and rescue missions, fundraisers, and community outreach.

A Voice for the Voiceless

A Voice for the Voiceless (AVFTV) is a non-profit that provides much-needed support to communities directly affected when a member goes missing. AVFTV offers investigative support adnd advocacy in missing persons cases and organizes candlelight vigils, community volunteer searches, and online awareness campaigns.

New Partnerships
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