No Fooling with Fentanyl

Told by CO Investigator Rivera, Texas Sheriff’s Office:

It began with a routine inspection when our corrections officers detained a visitor, Brielle Jenkins, after finding fentanyl hidden among her personal items. Jenkins insisted she was coerced into smuggling the contraband into our facility, claiming a threat was made against her and her mother’s safety after she posted her resume online. She alleged that she didn’t know anyone in the jail and was merely a pawn in someone else’s scheme.

"The results were instant and obvious."

Investigator Rivera

We were skeptical of her story, to say the least. Determined to uncover the truth, we turned to VIXN to probe deeper. Initiating a comprehensive search for Jenkin’s contact details, VIXN quickly returned 11 phone numbers associated with her—a starting point that seemed promising.

Knowing we had all of our Corrections Data integrated in VIXN,w e pushed those numbers through the Datasets module to find any potential links to inmates in our facilities. 

The results were instant and obvious. 

The Connections Graph immediately returned a hidden network: one of Jenkin’s numbers was frequently called by five different inmates over the past three months.

With this irrefutable evidence in hand, we confronted Jenkins. Faced with the facts, she broke down and confessed. This breakthrough not only confirmed her involvement but also unraveled a broader fentanyl ring operating both inside and outside our walls.

VIXN had this case open and closed within 30 minutes. It might have been impossible to piece the connections together without it. We’re now using VIXN to run intelligence in a large sting operation stemming from Jenkins’ confession. 

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