Fermata Discovery Releases VIXN 3.0 for End-to-End Investigation and Real-Time Collaboration

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2023 / EINPresswire.com / — 

Fermata Discovery, producer of specialized intelligence and investigation technologies, announces the release of VIXN 3.0, the product’s most advanced version to date.

"The true power of VIXN lies in its impact, creating new efficiencies for people who are dedicated to solving crime, combatting trafficking, working missing persons cases or re-examining cold cases.” — Amanda von Goetz, Founder & CEO, Fermata Discovery

VIXN (Visualize Intelligence Across Networks) is an end-to-end investigation solution that integrates, assembles, analyzes, and manages collected intelligence and OSINT data. With its enhanced capabilities, VIXN empowers investigators to quickly reveal hidden relationships, identify deep insights, and transform static intelligence into actionable plans.

VIXN 3.0 is packed with numerous refinements tailored to the specific needs of Fermata’s local law enforcement customers — enabling analysts, detectives, investigators, and attorneys to streamline their workflows, gain a holistic understanding of cases, and examine information through multiple lenses.

Of the newest version of VIXN, Fermata Discovery Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Lisa Pscolkoski commented: “We have come a long way with VIXN. What started as a simple product primarily focused on single-user cases has evolved into a fully integrated data environment, which generates value for large investigation and intelligence teams.”

Real-time collaboration is a heavy focus for VIXN Series 3.X releases, as the platform provides a centralized environment where investigators can work cases together, share information and expertise, and stay connected throughout the investigation process. This enhanced collaboration feature-set focuses not only on creating efficiencies but also allows for a more comprehensive and rounded approach to tackling complex cases.

Already in use at numerous law enforcement agencies, VIXN has also demonstrated remarkable results at non-profit organizations whose work is rooted in supporting local law enforcement. VIXN technology has been provided to various non-profit organizations, including but not limited to the Cold Case Foundation, the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative, and the Missing Persons Center.

“Though we have made great strides with VIXN V3,” said Fermata Founder & CEO, Amanda von Goetz, “I believe the true power of VIXN lies in its impact. The fact that VIXN creates new efficiencies for people who have dedicated their work and lives to combatting human trafficking or working missing persons cases or re-examining cold cases – is rewarding beyond words. The adoption of VIXN serves to reinforce our dedication to social responsibility and to the mission upon which Fermata was founded.”

For more information about Fermata Discovery and its investigation tools, visit www.fermatadiscovery.com.

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