About the Fermata Insights Series

A California Sheriff recently shared with the Fermata team: “Due to a number of factors that have arisen in recent years, it is becoming increasingly difficult to incentivize young people to pursue a future in law enforcement.” 

This is the challenge that the Fermata Insights Series seeks to address. 

Through showcasing the stories of officers and scientists from across the law enforcement, intelligence and justice spheres – as told in their own words – our aim is to provide an all-encompassing educational resource for the next generation, and serve as a source of guidance and inspiration for those exploring various potential career paths. 

The Fermata Insights Series also provides interviewees with an opportunity to express themselves in a safe interview environment. All interviews are transcribed in real-time, and interviewees are then provided with a copy of the interview, word-for-word. They may review and strike anything from the record that they are uncomfortable with, and their final approval is required in order for a piece to be published. The Fermata team believes that this level of transparency and control is of paramount importance in ensuring that all interviewees feel respected and valued throughout the interview process. 

In a world where the role of law enforcement is constantly evolving, it is essential for young people to have access to a wide range of perspectives and experiences. By offering a platform for these stories to be shared, we can contribute to the development of a more informed and empowered future generation. 

We are eager to connect with those who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experiences with Fermata Insights. If you know someone who has an interesting story to tell, please nominate them by emailing us at info@fermata.us. Self-nominations are not accepted. 

It is our hope that through introducing this series, we can contribute to a more diverse, inclusive, and well-informed community.